Chain Announces Multi-Year Partnership with Kraft Sports + Entertainment

Chain Announces Multi-Year Partnership with Kraft Sports + Entertainment


[Saint Kitts and Nevis] (September 22, 2022) – Chain, the leading Web3 software solutions company and Kraft Sports + Entertainment are excited to announce that Chain will serve as the official blockchain and Web3 sponsor of the New England Patriots, New England Revolution, Gillette Stadium, and Patriot Place in a multi-year agreement.

As part of this newly formed partnership, Chain and Kraft Sports + Entertainment will work hand in hand to develop state-of-the-art Web3 experiences, while utilizing Chain’s award-winning suite of products and services.

“We are proud to partner with Kraft Sports + Entertainment to envision the future of Web3 for Gillette Stadium, the New England Patriots and New England Revolution,” said Deepak Thapliyal, Web3 Entrepreneur and CEO of Chain. “Our team is excited to help Kraft Sports + Entertainment build cutting edge experiences for stadium visitors utilizing Chain’s proprietary blockchain technology.”

“The Patriots and Revolution, along with our tech partners, have always strived to be leaders in innovation. From being the first pro sports team with a website and creating the first nightly Internet show, to having the longest continuously running podcast in the world, we’ve embraced the opportunities that advances in technology have presented for us and our fans, said Murray Kohl, Vice President of Sales for Kraft Sports + Entertainment.

“Together with Chain, we’ll look to innovate that same way with Web3. Our fans will be able to connect with the Patriots and Revolution in ways never before possible.”

Countless businesses have identified the need to adapt from Web2 to Web3. Chain will assist Gillette Stadium in weaving compelling, one-of-a-kind experiences into this new world. While Gillette Stadium is already a world-class physical venue, the Chain partnership will bring to light the revolutionary possibilities that exist in merging the physical with the digital to redefine a best-in-class fan experience.

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