CBS Sports projects first top 25 of 2022, including Georgia over Ohio State

College football fans eagerly await this part of the season when the College Football Playoff rankings drop. With that in mind, CBS Sports’ Jerry Palm revealed his top 25 projections for the first CFP rankings. However, he made a clarification as far as the teams that are at or near the top. It’s dominated by two conferences: the Big Ten and SEC, but for good reason.

“With all of that in mind, here is how the CFP Rankings would look if released this week,” Palm wrote. “These rankings are top heavy with SEC and Big Ten teams only because they have not weeded each other out yet.”

But that doesn’t mean other teams in the Pac-12, ACC or Big 12 can’t make moves, nor does it mean teams outside the top 10 can’t make noise as the season progresses.

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Here’s a breakdown of Palm’s College Football Playoff projections, featuring the four teams in, the first two out, remainder of the top 10 and the full top 25:

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