Broncos-Jaguars: Nathaniel Hackett’s ‘job could be on the line’

The Denver Broncos are facing a coaching conundrum.

In the eyes of many, Nathaniel Hackett and the Broncos have drastically underachieved through the first seven weeks of the NFL season. The team is off to an unflattering 2-5 start with Hackett at the helm, and because of its insufficiencies, Hackett could be coaching for his job this Sunday according to ESPN.

“He could be out of a job if he does not beat the Jaguars,” Colin Cowherd echoed Wednesday on “The Herd.”

For Cowherd, holding a tight leash on new head coaches is exactly what NFL front offices should be doing in today’s era of football.

“In Week 1, you and I sat there and watched the return by Russell Wilson to Seattle. You knew, and I knew, he didn’t know what he was doing,” Cowherd said. “He’s not a head coach. He’s a coordinator. They had to literally – by Week 2 or 3 – hire somebody in clock management. I mean, how many coaches do you have to hire to fix his issues?

“Russell Wilson is not washed … It’s coaching. I’m not saying Russ isn’t responsible. His deep ball isn’t as accurate. … I get the hire, but don’t double down on wrong. Pivot off it fast. I looked at Denver this season. I looked at their NFL rankings offensively. They’re not only bad, they’re last in everything.”

Nick Wright called the idea of ​​firing Hackett at this point “terrible.”

“I, after the second game, said I would consider firing him,” Wright admitted on “First Things First.”

“The first game we saw the single most inexplicable coaching decision I’ve ever seen. The second game was worse … it was unbelievable. I think people expect me to be like ‘yeah of course, if you lose on Sunday you should fire him .’

“I actually think firing him at any point this season is a terrible idea. I think there’s no turning the team around. First of all, I don’t know who the new head coach would be. Dom Capers … is the only person on the staff with any coaching experience … so they don’t have an obvious head coach. They have a brutal schedule … there’s no turning this around.”

Wright went on to explain that Wilson’s slow start is another reason not to move off of Hackett after Sunday.

“Here’s why I wouldn’t fire him until the end of the year: Their only hope in Denver is getting Sean Payton, or the next great offensive mind. If once you move on from Nathaniel Hackett, Mr. Unlimited still looks like Mr. Incredibly Limited, and you don’t have the built-in excuse of ‘Russ is fine’ … what if they fire him, and Russ is awful for the next two months? Sean Payton taking that job? No he’s not. Does any great offensive mind want that job with six more years and a couple hundred million on Russ’ contract? No. They need Hackett to be there as the fall guy for the inevitable terrible season Russ is in the midst of.”

Broncos HC is on the hot seat vs. Jags in Week 8

Nick Wright explains why firing Denver Broncos head coach Nathaniel Hackett at any point in the season would be a terrible idea.

Chris Broussard didn’t see any reason not to relieve Hackett of his duties if Denver loses.

“If they lose, why not?” he asked in response to Wright. “He’s getting fired sooner or later. We all know this, and I admit Russ hasn’t helped him out, but we know he’s getting fired either after this game , later in the season, or after the season. … So what firing him now would do is give them a chance this season. Who thought Rich Bisaccia was going to turn around the Raiders last year? I’m not saying you count on the assistant that gets promoted turning them around, but who knows?”

The Broncos take on the Jaguars at 9:30 am ET on Sunday in London.

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