Best Spots in New York City To Learn About Latino Culture

Across our beautiful city, nearly 2.5 million Latino New Yorkers—many tracing their ancestry to countries like Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Ecuador, Columbia, and more—create an intricate mosaic of cultures, cuisines, identities, and traditions.

And it’s here, throughout the five boroughs—in enclaves like Washington Heights and Inwood, where 67% of the population identifies as Hispanic; Mott Haven and Concourse in the Bronx for their predominant Puerto Rican and Dominican presence; and Brooklyn’s Sunset Park and Bushwick for a thriving Mexican populace—that we’re fortunate enough to be surrounded by some of the most admired and trailblazing Latino-owned and -operated businesses, artistic venues, and community hubs in America.

So, as we honor the multitude of indelible contributions of this diverse group during Hispanic Heritage Month from September 15 through October 15—as well as all year-round—along with events like the Hispanic Day Parade, from holistic herb shops and independent bookstores to renowned museums and legendary performance centers, we’ve rounded up some of the most essential spots to take in the vibrancy of NYC’s Latino history and culture.

Additionally, in light of the catastrophic and ongoing damage inflicted by Hurricane Fiona in Puerto Rico, consider donating to the country during this time of need and widespread power outages. Ways to help include local groups such as the women’s organization of Taller Salud (via PayPal and food/essentials emergency package contributions); the community-based initiative Brigada Solidaria del Oeste (via PayPal—@brigadasolidaria—and food/essentials emergency package contributions); and the national nonprofit Hispanic Federation.

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