Basis Technologies Connects Programmatic Guaranteed Ad Buying with Vendor Directory and Negotiations Module

Basis Technologies, a provider of cloud-based workflow automation and business intelligence software for marketing, has integrated its programmatic guaranteed buying with a vendor directory and communications module.

The Basis platform connects programmatic guaranteed campaign execution with holistic media planning, vendor negotiations, and deal activation. Inventory suppliers in Basis transacting guaranteed deals include Magnite, OpenX, Triton Digital, Tubi, Beachfront, Connatix, Equativ, fe of the BasisAutomate+ suite for campaign planning, performance, and measurement.

For programmatic guaranteed in Basis, all communication can be conducted within the platform. A directory of more than 9,000 vendors provides publisher availability, prices, and contact info. Market trend price projections enable media planners to compare vendors and evaluate tactics-guaranteed , open market bidding, and traditional buys.

“Programmatic guaranteed advances media buyers further into programmatic advertising by utilizing methods and standards to ensure that campaigns will be fulfilled. Basis Technologies is connecting planning and negotiations into programmatic guaranteed execution to remove barriers to access and give advertisers more comfort to activate campaigns in this manner ,” said Tyler Kelly, president of Basis Technologies, in a statement. “Our workflow technology is powered by trusted relationships with supply partners that provide us with quality media environments and ease communications with our customers.”

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