Base Contributed Ksh 16.5 Billion To The Kenyan Economy

Base Contributed Ksh 16.5 Billion To The Kenyan Economy

By Soko Directory Team / Published November 30, 2022 | 12:14 pm

Earlier this month Base Resources released its inaugural Sustainability Report 2022 highlighting the company’s social, economic, and environmental impact in Kenya and Madagascar.

The report gives a candid account of the successes and challenges at Base Titanium – the Kwale Operations in Kenya, and the progress made in developing the Toliara Project in Madagascar.

Since the commencement of the Kwale operations in Kenya, Base Titanium has incorporated sustainable mining practices in all aspects of its business.

The mining company identified its material issues based on the relevance to its operations as well as those that are considered important to its stakeholders. These include environmental stewardship; people; community development; land access and resettlement;

Simon Wall, the General Manager, External Affairs at Base Titanium said, “As one of the largest mining companies in Kenya, we strive to create shared value. So far, we have contributed Ksh 16.5 billion to the Kenyan economy through the payment of royalties and taxes. Although the Kwale project mine life is coming to an end, we are actively seeking to extend operations through exploration programs in proximity to the existing operation, bringing further employment, development, and socio-economic benefit to the local community and people of Kenya.”

The company has taken into consideration the social and cultural context in which it operates and has partnered with various stakeholders to drive impact and reach its objectives. The company has also consulted with government authorities, subject specialists, conservation re and locals organizations, and comm committees to determine their needs and concerns.

Base Titanium prides itself in having good relationships with the government which has in turn influenced the development of sustainable mining policies and practices that ensure the social and economic benefits from its operations reach local communities.

Looking at the mining company’s approach to land resettlement, Base Titanium has rolled out programs that have been implemented to international best practice standards through active and transparent community engagements.

Base Titanium’s community programs have significantly improved livelihoods and created opportunities in the surrounding communities, along with direct employment and local procurement. In addition, Base Titanium has had great success in developing an almost entirely Kenyan workforce in the nine years since Kwale Operations began in late 2013.

On environmental stewardship, Base Titanium has made a significant contribution to improving Kwale’s flora and fauna. The company’s programs are bearing fruit with the Kwale nurseries providing a diverse range of species that are contributing to the success of its rehabilitation in expansion program and rehabilitation its the region.

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