Audio Bulletins

It’s a busy world. Full of busy people with busy lives. We get it. We also understand that the morning isn’t always the best time to catch up with the day’s news headlines.

You’re making breakfast in a full household, getting the kids ready, brushing teeth, moving from room to room or even driving to school, college or work. It’s not always convenient to sit down and browse the latest local news.

Even if you do have the radio on, it isn’t always possible to be listening on the hour or half hour for the most up-to-date bulletin.

But what if there was a way to catch up with what you need to know every day exactly when you want? That would be great, right? is the first local news publisher in Ireland to offer a new daily audio bulletin, available via smart phone or smart speaker – whenever you need it.

Every day between 7am and 8am, Editor-In-Chief Barry Landy hosts the Audio Bulletin – a two minute update of all of the most up-to-date local news and information you need for the day ahead.

Available via Amazon Echo and Google Home devices, you can also listen via any iOS or Android phone or tablet or via Android Auto in your car and on Twitter via Soundcloud, as well as WhatsApp too.

Its local news and sport on-demand, just how it should be.

In addition, you can join Barry for afternoon and/or evening updates too so even later in the day do be sure to check in for the latest in county Louth.

Here’s how you can set-up to listen:

(Please note, you will need to have set up Google Assistant on your device before starting any of the below steps)

Google Nest Speaker

Here’s how to set up the Audio Bulletins on Google Nest (Note: Google Nest bulletins coming soon).

Google Assistant on Android

Here’s how to set up the Audio Bulletins using Google Assistant for Android.

Android Auto

Here’s how to set up the Audio Bulletins using Android Auto.

Amazon Echo

Here’s how to set up the Audio Bulletins using your Amazon Echo device.

Twitter and WhatsApp

Here’s how to listen to the Audio Bulletins via Twitter and WhatsApp.