Are Fairfield County’s female cross country athletes inferior?

Are Fairfield County’s female cross country athletes inferior?

I’ve been a runner for eight years. Eight years on a girls’ cross country team and only in a handful of meets have I had to race a different distance than the boys. The Fairfield County Interscholastic Conference (FCIAC) championship meet is one of them. The girls must run a 4K while the boys run a 5K. Whether this is their intention or not, having the girls run a shorter distance at the championship meet communicates that the FCIAC believes female runners are inferior.

Over a decade ago, Connecticut changed the state championship race to have the girls and boys run the same length: setting the precedent that girls and boys are equal. However, even with the state of Connecticut thinking in modern terms about gender equality, Fairfield County is lagging behind. There are 11 high school conferences in Connecticut, and all but one (Fairfield County) have changed their race lengths to be equal for their championship meets. The state of Connecticut believes in the capabilities of its female athletes, so why doesn’t ‘t Fairfield County?

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Jorge Oliveira