A Bay View collective created a directory of BIPOC Milwaukee-area wellness practicers | WUWM 89.7 FM

Wellness and self care are not always readily accessible to people of color in Milwaukee. One organization in the Bay View area is seeking to change that.

While on her own wellness journey, Maricella Nayeri noticed she would often be the only person of color in yoga classes or other health workshops. And she wanted to build a space of her own that was inclusive, especially for other people of color. She soon established the MAdre Wellness Center, which then formed a Milwaukee-area wellness and resource called the BIPOC Wellness Directory. Collectively, they hope to remove the barriers to wellness for marginalized communities.


The center focuses on health and overall wellness: physical, mental and psychological. It serves an essential healing and calming environment.

Nayeri, who is of Mexican and Iranian descent, partnered with three other women of color to bring MAdre Wellness Center to life. Nayeri is aware of how needed this organization is to people of color in the Milwaukee area.

“I don’t believe that you can exist or claim to exist in the sphere of wellness in this community and not be aware of the barriers that POCs face when it comes to accessibility and normalizing self-care,” says Nayeri. “That really is why I created this BIPOC directory because I want people to feel connected to those… [be] in the classroom with those who are leading the classes.”

Nayeri also believes there is a cultural divide complicating our community’s path to wellness. Western culture doesn’t typically emphasize the intentional practices that often accompany the journey to wellness. Even so, Nayeri believes that all people ultimately seek the same thing.

“I’ve learned that no matter our beliefs, we are more similar than different, and you know, many of us are just seeking a deeper sense of self,” she says.

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