2022 Pop Culture Halloween Costume Ideas – The Daily Free Press

2022 Pop Culture Halloween Costume Ideas – The Daily Free Press


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So many events and moments have happened this year. If you are interested in making your costume this year relevant to this past year, look no further than these 2022 Pop Culture Halloween Ideas.


If you’ve seen “Don’t Worry Darling,” you know that there are a lot of 1950s outfits you can copy. Ideas can range from Alice’s white bloody dress look from the end of the film, Bunny’s looks with her signature red curled hair or you can just put on a suit and call yourself Jack Chambers. Anything 50’s style can be associated with this movie, so your choices are vast.

Although the movie “Blonde” did not depict Marilyn Monroe, you can try to better represent her this Halloween! You can wear the all-pink look from “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend” in the film “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes,” or her white dress from “The Seven Year Itch.” If Monroe isn’t your style, go as one of her suitors, such as the playwright and throw on some glasses and a pinstripe shirt.

An excellent 2022 biopic with costume options is “Elvis.” Elvis Presley has hundreds of outfits you can take inspiration from in the movie, as long as you have the signature “pompadour” hairstyle. Priscilla Presley is an excellent option for a costume. Once again, the voluminous hair is the key to doing the costume well, along with some eyeliner and a monochrome outfit..

The Hulu mini-series “Pam & Tommy” also brings back the two celebrities, Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s fashion impact. For a Pamela look, one can draw inspiration from “Baywatch,” “Barb Wire” or her 90’s looks, such as her hat that Kim Kardashian wore for her costume. For Tommy Lee, get the tattoos, the goatee and a wife beater tank top.

Although it felt like years ago, season two of “Euphoria” came out this year. So many outfits can be taken from such iconic moments and characters. Looks such as Cassie’s “country movie star” look or her rendition of Maddie’s style would be an excellent costume. Faye also is a new character with lots of fun looks to mimic. Or, throw on a huge hoodie, graphic tee and shorts, and you’re Rue.

Although the “Barbie” movie featuring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling will not be released this year, the paparazzi previews of the film are. For a Barbie look wear a monochrome pink fit with the classic blonde hair. You can also throw on some roller skates to commit to those paparazzi pics. For a Ken look, go with the 80’s aerobics vibe or the no-shirt denim on denim look.

“Everything Everywhere All At Once” would also offer great costume ideas for those with patience and extreme DIY skills. The easiest costume might be one of Joy’s looks — the Elvis costume with a pink wig. Achieving the bagel hair and white outfit might be a bit more of a challenge. For an Evelyn look, you will need a maroon vest, button-up shirt and some fake blood. If you’re looking for a simple look, go for Deirdre — the IRS inspector — and combine a mustard yellow turtleneck and a white vest. It might not be the most appealing look, but people will understand what you’re going for.

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If you’re in a couple and want to dress up as someone from this year, look no further than the most influential couple of 2022, Kanye West and Julia Fox. Together, you can go for the denim-on-denim look with Fox’s signature heavy eyeliner look. Or, an all-black look as the Kanye of the couple wears a ski mask.

If you want to go classy, ​​you can go as Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian from the Met Gala. All you need is a suit and a long cream dress. Don’t forget to have your version of Pete with the “My Girl is a Lawyer” tattoo. It is mandatory to complete the look.

If you know all about the “Funny Girl” drama, then a look from the show might be for you. Take costume inspiration from either Lea Michele or Beanie Feldstein’s costumes — depending on whose side you’re on.

You could also go for a Sue Sylvester tracksuit moment from Glee because of the full-circle moment we are experiencing.


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