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Green Party’s Rossiter hits out at council over West Street pedestrianisation

Green Party's David Rossiter
Green Party area representative David Rossiter has had his say on West Street.

David Rossiter, the Green Party representative for the Drogheda Urban electoral area, has hit out at Louth County Council after learning that not all the street furniture and infrastructure planned for the upcoming trial of pedestrianisation on West Street will be available for the first weekend of the pilot.

LouthNow.ie reported on Tuesday that some items earmarked for West Street – including parasols for outdoor dining and parklets – will not be in place for the first weekend of the three-weekend pilot, leading some public representatives to question whether the first weekend will have the required impact on public perception.


“All the measures may not be in place for the first weekend, which is a bit of a drawback for us,” Senior Engineer Mark Johnston told the September meeting of the Drogheda Borough Council on Monday.

He cited long delivery wait times for the delay in receiving furniture such as parklets and parasols. Some planters, of which there will be approximately 40, are already in place.

Reacting to the news that the trial in September will lack the proposed parasols and parklets, Rossiter said; “It is a real shame that the trial pedestrianisation of West Street in Drogheda will lack the key infrastructure to make it as successful as possible.
“I’m extremely concerned the first weekend won’t encourage residents of the town to fully support the proposal. As a result of this, I believe the trial should be postponed until the parklets have been secured and can be used in the trials.”
“Residents need to let the council and local traders know that this initiative will be a successful one. My petition to have the street reclaimed for the people has had 480 signatures so far and today, I am re-launching it so residents voices can be heard on the debate.
“I would encourage all who want to reclaim West Street for the people to sign the petition.”
The idea of a postponement was floated at the council meeting, including by Labour duo Pio Smith and Michelle Hall. However, the local authority said they planned go go ahead with the first pilot weekend on September 20-21, with subsequent weekends to follow in October and November.


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