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Drogheda River Rescue crew attacked by ‘youths with rocks’

Drogheda River Rescue
The M1, part of Drogheda River Rescue's response fleet.

Drogheda River Rescue responders were attacked in the town late last night, after discovering a group of youths tampering with lifebuoys.

The incident occurred at approximately 11.55pm when crew members encountered a group of youths at Mell football field, who were caught tempering with the lifebuoys located by the riverside.


The group grew to become violent towards the crew members. They began to throw rocks and other objects at the crew and their emergency response vehicles M1 and M2.

Gardai from the nearby Drogheda Garda Station were called to the scene. The Drogheda River Rescue team were stood down at 1.30pm.

Drogheda River Rescue and Recovery Service is a voluntary rescue group based in the Horselane on Trinity Street, Drogheda.

The registered charity provide a search and recovery service along the River Boyne and also engage a suicide prevention patrol at weekends.


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