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Cllr Cunningham / ‘We need to identify Clogherhead’s strengths and build on them’

Sinn Fein councillor Tom Cunningham and Clogherhead village. Photo Credit: Kathy Gilroy-Barry/Google Maps.

Sinn Féin councillor Tom Cunningham has welcomed news that Louth County Council are chasing funding which would enable a local needs assessment or ‘health check’ for Clogherhead village.

The local Cllr tabled a motion at the September meeting of the Drogheda Borough District on Monday afternoon calling on the local authority to carry out a village ‘health check’ similar to those carried out in Ardee and Collon two years ago. The motion said it would ‘identify how the area can capitalise on increasing tourism year-on-year and each it’s full potential.’


The council said that a provision for such a local needs assessment was included in a recent town and village renewal funding application for the area. They said that the delivery of the assessment would depend on the funding being secured under the 2020 scheme.

“I am delighted to see that funding for a village health check for Clogherhead has been applied for under the Town and Village Renewal Scheme as visitors and tourists to the village is increasing year on year with traffic flow and parking becoming a huge challenge to the growth of tourism in the area,” Cllr Cunningham said.

“There needs to be an all-around health check or an economic check to help in a structured way to develop the village. We need to identify Clogherhead’s strengths so we can build on them, assess the weaknesses so we can address them and use every opportunity to help tourism and the village as a whole, reach its full potential.”

He said that everyone – from residents, business owners and tourists themselves – should be involved in the process to help the seaside village meet everyone’s needs.

“We need residents, the community, business owners, community groups and all stakeholders to participate in this process. We need a wide range of engagement and consultation to identify the key concerns, thoughts, opinions and ideas to help form the plan or vision for the structured development of Clogherhead.

“There is as much to offer tourists in South Louth as there is in the north of the county, if not more. I look forward to the process starting sooner rather than later and would encourage all the locals to get involved. Indeed the tourists and visitors should have their say as well.”

In July, the first tranche of 2020 funding – €2.8 million – was approved for 106 projects in smaller towns and villages throughout the country, including three in Louth in Clogherhead, Carlingford and Ardee.

Clogherhead received €25,000 for the rejuvenation of the village business district with shop front improvements such as painting and signage.

The Town & Village Renewal Scheme provides funding for projects that make towns and villages more attractive and sustainable. The Scheme has previously invested in public-realm projects and the enhancement of town centre amenities, interventions to encourage town centre living and projects that support the economic development of our towns and villages.

€25 million is available to local authorities around the country this year for such schemes.


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