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Minogue ‘disgusted’ as elderly Ardee residents left ‘trapped’ in homes

A view of Cuchulainn Terrace, Ardee. Photo Credit: Google Maps.

Ardee Municipal District councillor Dolores Minogue expressed her anger at the council’s failure to provide road markings to denote that no parking should occur in front of a driveway.

The councillor spoke after Independent councillor Jim Tenanty raised the issue of residents of Cuchulainn Terrace in Ardee, being blocked in by parked cars since Ardee Community School reopened again last week.


“Since the school came back in the last couple of days, residents can’t get out of their houses. It’s either because children with cars are parking or adults picking up kids are parking and blocking it,” he said.

The issue pertains to the houses at either end of the terrace. Minogue said she had been promised that Louth County Council would paint a yellow box outside each respective property’s driveways to denote it was to kept clear at all times and that no parking was permitted.

“I’m absolutely fuming,” she said. “I’m a year looking for this. I was promised this yellow box. The engineer has been out and looked at it and I was promised a yellow box.

The council has done nothing for these people. It’s a year gone in May. Parents stay there and sit on the road there for 45 minutes. It’s a massive disappointment. I have the engineers heart broken.”

Senior Executive Engineer Declan McMahon told the councillors he would look into the issue. On Friday, it was confirmed to Cllr Minogue that a series of yellow boxes and disabled parking bay lines were removed during a watermain upgrade scheme carried out by Irish Water. The local authority say they should be reinstated by the Irish Water contractor.

The rules around parking in Ireland are governed by the Road Traffic Acts (1961-2019), as well as bye-laws issued by local authorities. Motorists cannot park a vehicle anywhere that interferes with the normal flow of traffic, or that obstructs or endangers others.

This includes across an entrance to a premises/driveway, unless the owner has consented.

The Road Traffic (Traffic and Parking) Regulations 1997, Section 36 (2) (g), states that “A vehicle shall not be parked in any place, position or manner that will result in the vehicle obstructing an entrance or an exit for vehicles to or from a premises, save with the consent of the occupier of such premises.

*This article was updated at 5.22pm on Friday September 4. 

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