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Cllr Emma Coffey / ‘No bins means more litter collection at Muirhevnamor Park’

Dundalk Town Hall, Crowe Street. Photo Credit: Adrian Crawley.

The failure to provide a single bin in Muirhevnamor Park has been labelled “not good enough” by the Cathoirleach of the Dundalk Municipal District, who has urged the local authority to install just two bins at the entrances to the popular amenity.

Fianna Fáil councillor Emma Coffey first raised the issue at the July meeting of the Municipal District, requesting that a review into the provision of bins at the park were undertaken. However, she deemed the council’s response as wholly unsatisfactory. Their review found no shortage of bins in the park.


“There are no bins in Muirhevnamor Park,” Cllr Coffey told the meeting. “There’s not even one at the entrance. The nearest one is 300m away – outside the entrance of St Joseph’s School.”

“There are nine bins in the Ice House Hill, there’s seven bins in St Helena’s Park,” she added. “The area of Muirhevnamor Park is over 3.5km. To say that there are a satisfactory number of bins provided is not the case.

“There is a precedent set for bins. Every week councillors in Dundalk are being called up to be told that litter needs to be collected. It’s a waste of resources for Louth County Council.”

Cllr Coffey requested an on-site inspection and urged the council to install just two bins – one on the Hoey’s Lane entrance and one at the other entrance/exit on Tom Bellew Avenue.

“Quite frankly, it is not satisfactory. It is not good enough,” she concluded.

At the July meeting of the Dundalk Municipal District, Cllr Coffey had requested that Muirhevnamor Park was added to the parks section on the local authority website. Currently, only St Helena’s Park, Ice House Hill Park, Blackrock Community Hall and St Dominic Park in Drogheda are listed.

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