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Deadline approaching for remote working survey submissions

Thomas McEvoy
Louth County Council's Head of Enterprise Thomas McEvoy. Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commons License.

Workers across Louth are being urged to have their say on the future of work and what may be the beginning of the end of long haul commuting for many, as part of a Government survey on remote working viability.

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has been far-reaching but one of the most evident changes has been the quick and wide-ranging adaptation to remote working, as staff at businesses big and small refocus on working from home, adopting technologies such as video conferencing as the new normal.


According to figures, commuters who live in Louth and work in Dublin city spend on average a month a year commuting. In a move to form a more cohesive strategy as the pivot to remote working continues for many, the government wants to hear from those business owners and workers about the pros and cons of ditching the office for home comforts.

“The Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation wants to hear from commuters and business owners. They want to understand what structures need to be put in place to make remote working a really viable prospect into the future,” Thomas McEvoy, Louth County Council’s Head of Enterprise said.

With the closing date for submissions fast approaching he says people need to have their say now. “The closing date for submissions is Friday August 7, so there’s no time to waste.

Remote working can include both working from home or working from another location that is not your office such as a local enterprise, innovation or community hub or even a a co-working space, which are becoming more prevalent in communities around the country.

“We know from research and anecdotal evidence, that employers and employees needed more guidance in order to increase the uptake of remote working. In particular information on equality, health and safety, employment rights, the right to disconnect, data protection and training,” Thomas continued.

The Department are seeking input into how to develop practical, sustainable strategies for remote working. They want employees and employers to provide feedback on the current guidance and how it could be improved and they are asking what else employers and employees need to make remote working a success.

“The information received will be used to shape public policy on remote working. They will use the insights and feedback arising from submissions to further refine Remote Working Guidance for employers and employees. This is an opportunity for employers and employees in Louth to help shape government policy in a way that will improve quality of life for local people and strengthen our local economy.

You can make a written submission by email to [email protected] and if you are making a written submission it is recommended that you review the Remote Work in Ireland report on www.dbei.ie website.

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