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Invalid application puts halt to Eircom’s Clogherhead tower bid

A view of the sea at Clogherhead. Photo Credit: Adrian Crawley.

A move to erect an 18 metre high communications tower in Clogherhead is on hold, for now, due to a planning application lodged by Eircom deemed as ‘invalid’ by the Louth County Council, a development that one local councillor has called “a moral victory.”

The application, first made six weeks ago, was declared invalid on Monday June 20 after a site visit by a planning official found no notice on display on site at the Eircom Exchange in the seaside village.


A total of 33 objections were filed via submission to the local authority against the proposed structure, citing its ‘unsightly’ nature and the ‘visual impact’ it would have on the area. All those who filed a ubmission will receive refunds given the application has been deemed invalid.

“The proposed mast was also backing onto a brand new mobile home and caravan park which would have an effect on the distribution and sales of those sites and in tandem have an impact with our local bars and restaurants,” Cllr Power said in a statement.

“This was a moral victory for the people of Clogherhead and only just bides time. My assumption is that Eircom will submit another application and we’ll all have to re-submit our objections,” he added.

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