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Drogheda businesses ‘Tap’ into new retail cash rewards app

TapIt launch
Local retailers and Chamber representatives with Gareth Gunn and Gavin Duffy of tapit, a the launch of the tapit service in Drogheda.

The long awaited Tapit app has cashback app is now live in Drogheda, having launched in a number of retail outlets throughout the area on Thursday (July 24).

Shoppers in Drogheda have been able to pre-register to receive the app early for a number of weeks now and while Tapit has been available to download on both iOS and Android for those early birds for a number of day, it went online on Thursday morning.


The new app, designed to reward shoppers for shopping local with cashback rewards, but with a difference. The Tapit rewards system offers instant cash rewards – with no waiting for points to turn into vouchers.

Users can pay for their goods in store as normal and when they are finished, they’ll get a text message informing how much cash has been earned. Once €25 has reached, that sun is deposited straight back onto the users bank card.

The team behind the app, entrepreneurs Garrett Gunn and Gavin Duffy, say Tapit is an easy way for retailers to reward loyalty and shoppers to show their loyalty to local shops as the economic recovery begins in earnest.

“In person shopping has been badly hit with the lockdown and the COVID-19 pandemic. We wanted to create a platform that was win-win for retailers and shoppers alike,” said Gunn. He and and his co-founder, Gavin Duffy, got accepted to the Enterprise Ireland New Frontiers programme, the development programme for innovative, early-stage start-ups, earlier this year and have been working to bring the concept to market since then.

The duo brought their idea to the Drogheda & District Chamber, who have supported them fully in the roll-out in an ever expanding list of stores locally. Drogheda is the first town in Ireland to use the app, while it is set to launch in Dundalk at the end of the month.

More towns are likely to follow suit in the coming months.

The list of shops around Drogheda Town Centre that are currently participating include Scholars Townhouse Hotel, The Design Gallery, Five Good Things at the Highlanes Galley, Tuite’s Butchers, The Crafty Fox, West End Salon, The Golf Bag, Peter Street Pharmacy, Kierans’ Deli, Kevin McAllister Electrical and Brian Reynolds Mazda & Fiat.

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