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Support Our Work / LouthNow.ie launches reader revenue campaign

Support our work

LouthNow.ie have today (Wednesday, July 15) launched a new reader revenue model with the aim to make the website financially sustainable and viable in the future.

At LouthNow.ie, we know that producing quality local journalism takes time, costs money and needs resources. With that in mind, we are asking our readers to make a recurring contribution to help us keep local journalism open and available to those who need it.

That’s right, this isn’t a paywall. If you choose not to contribute to LouthNow.ie, you can still read our articles. We believe a paywall can leave those who can’t afford to pay out of the loop. Trusted local reporting, journalism and information should be available to all – not just those who can afford it.

We are asking our readers – if you’ve been informed by our articles, if you’ve been entertained by our stories, if you follow and engage with our social media channels, please contribute to us and ensure we can continue to bring you quality reporting every day, every week.

We are asking readers to make a recurring donation, which can be as little as €5 per month. If you want to give €10, €15 or €20 – that would be fantastic. Whatever you can give means a lot to us.

Alternatively, if you prefer not to give a monthly amount, you can choose to contribute a one-off amount of your choosing. We would value greatly a monthly contribution of just €5 because that means we have an idea of what resources we have month-to-month. But, it’s up to you. We are all too aware of the financial pressures people are under.

We believe asking for a monthly donation of €5 per month is very fair. It’s the cost of small two cups of coffee, if you buy reasonably priced cups of coffee. All reader contributions will go towards the cost of producing more high quality, locally focused journalism that highlights issues and covers stories that matter to you.

“Reader support enables us to work in the community to bring you quality local journalism that matters, informs and entertains, while keeping all of our reporting open and available to those who need it,” Barry Landy, Editor-In-Chief of LouthNow.ie said.

“Reader revenue is where the future sustainability of journalism – local and national – lies. The Guardian and Journal Media here at home have led the way in their open-access models and we share that philosophy. We are committed to ensuring all our reporting – not just recent articles but archive content too – is available to everyone; regardless of age, income or tech proficiency.”

He said that he hoped there would be a strong pick-up on the reader revenue campaign by LouthNow.ie’s existing readers and that new readers would see the value in contributing to the scheme too.

“We want to do local journalism, better and we want to do it in an innovative way. That is our commitment. That takes longer, it costs more, it requires more resources. Advertising, and we are open for business for advertising, can only take us so far. We want to create a relationship with our readers, not merely financial, but one that can underpin the trust in our journalism in the years to come.”

You can contribute to LouthNow.ie by visiting the Support / Our Work form here. Or fill out the form below. The payment form is powered by Stripe. If you have any questions about the campaign, please email [email protected].

Support quality local journalism

If you would prefer not to make a monthly contribution, you can instead make a one-off payment by clicking here.

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