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Declan Power / ‘Vulnerable rough sleepers must be taken off the streets’

Independent councillor Declan Power and a view of Shop Street. Photo Credit: Kathy Gilroy-Barry / Google Maps.

Independent councillor for Drogheda Declan Power has urged Louth County Council to continue to work hard to ensure there are no rough sleepers on the streets of the town, especially in the midst of the ongoing public health emergency.

Cllr Power raised the issue at the last meeting of the Drogheda Borough Council held at the Barbican Centre on Monday, citing reports he had received that a number of individuals had been sleeping rough at the doorway of the Wogan’s Furniture store. Earlier this year, he raised concerns over individuals sleeping rough on the adjacent St Mary’s Bridge.


“This has been noticeable for almost two weeks at St. Mary’s Bridge and under Wogan’s doorway,” he said. “I have called on Louth County Council to investigate the situation and to see what measures can be put in place to accommodate these people.”

At the meeting, Director of Services Paddy Donnelly told Cllr Power that he was “unaware” of the particular situation but said that the issued would be investigated. On Sunday afternoon, some cardboard, a blanket and bottled water remained at the window of Wogan’s on Shop Street – but no persons were visible.

“The Council reacted promptly at the beginning of lockdown and ensured that emergency accommodation was put in place while adhering to social distancing and keeping people safe. This prompt reaction needs to continue as we cannot afford to have rough sleepers on our streets in the middle of a pandemic that places the vulnerable at a much greater risk of contracting illness and virus’ and in turn places the public at risk.”


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