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Striking Out / Premier Periclase union members to cease work, Unite say

Premier Periclase, Drogheda
Premier Periclase, Drogheda.

Workers at the Premier Periclase plant in Drogheda are to strike later this month after unsuccessful talks with management who have proposed a temporary shutdown of the plant, the Unite union say.

Workers at the magnesia plant will take strike action from Monday July 20. Unite say the management of the plant have not ‘meaningfully engaged’ with the workers in regards to the proposals for change.


“Despite a long-standing collective agreement, management have not meaningfully engaged with us on their proposals for what they have called a ‘Temporary Shut-down of the Plant’,” Unite’s Regional Officer Willie Quigley remarked.

“The company proposes to lay off our members or put them on reduced hours while transferring work to non-union labour and retaining contractors on site.

“We have made a number of unsuccessful attempts to avoid arriving at this point.  However, management did not seem interested in meaningful discussion on issues surrounding the ‘temporary shutdown’. As a result our members have voted to take strike action from Monday July 20th.

Mr Quigley added that union representatives remained available for meaningful engagement ahead of the proposed strike.

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