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Drog Dolls on the fundraising trail again for ABACAS school

Drogheda ABACAS
The Drogheda Dolls are raising money for a new bus for the ABACAS school. Photo Credit: Drogheda ABACAS Facebook/Natalie Kelly.

A group of Drogheda women are raising funds for a much-needed minibus for ABACAS, the Drogheda-based school for children with autism.

Natalie Kelly, founder of the Drogheda Dolls Facebook group – an online community of over 6,000 Drogheda women – spoke to LMFM’s 11-to-1 show this morning about their fundraiser for a minibus for the school.


Natalie said she decided to organise a raffle to raise funds for the minibus after she met with a donor -who prefers to remain anonymous – who had given an iPad as a prize for a competition.

Hours later, she received a text telling her to check the bag the device came in for a card. To Natalie’s amazement, the card contained €500 and a note praising the work and ethos of the Drogheda Dolls Facebook group. The note asked Natalie to use the money to support ‘worthy causes or people on your platform’.

Natalie decided to use €50 of the donation to help a lady who had been in touch with her to buy school supplies for her five children. She then used the rest of the money to buy gift vouchers for local businesses that had supported the group’s last charity fundraiser, which saw them raise money to buy a new oven for Drogheda’s Meals on Wheels last May.

The vouchers are going to form part of the prizes for the fundraiser they are now undertaking to raise money for the minibus for ABACAS school. Fundraising for the minibus was initially started by Mary Kirwan of the Drogheda Handyman and Tradesmen Facebook page, with a target of €20,000.

The popular public house, Barney Mac’s of Drogheda, have also contributed to the fundraiser by hosting a charity bingo night on June 15, raising €2,000. Every donation made on the GoFundMe page will be entered into the raffle.


The school, located on Congress Avenue, currently has 30 pupils enrolled on the register. The school was set up by a group of parents in 2003 to provide appropriate education for their children with autism through Applied Behaviour Analysis. ABACAS gained recognition as a Special School for Children with Autism from the Department of Education in 2010.

Drogheda Dolls Letter
The letter received by the Drogheda Dolls group. Photo Credit: Natalie Kelly.

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