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POLL / What Phase 3 activity are you most looking forward to?

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We’re back to normal, nearly. Face coverings, social distancing and constant sanitisation are hardly what we’re used to. Neither is having to purchase a meal in order to get your hands on a drink in a pub. We’ve clearly got a long way to go. But more so than at any point in the past three-and-a-half months, it does feel we as a nation have turned a corner in the battle against the Covid-19 pandemic and the knock-on effects it brings.

The sense of excitement in recent days has been palpable. The government’s roadmap Phase 3 reopening day has a whiff of St Patrick’s Day, Easter Sunday or Christmas to it. We can get a haircut, have our nails done, sit in a restaurant, see a big group of friends or go to the gym. It feels new, but is oh, so familiar.


But what are you most looking forward to doing now that Phase 3 is upon us? Tell us by casting your vote below. And leave a comment below to tell us more.

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