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POLL / Given the chance, would you work from home after Covid-19?

Working from Home
Thousands of people are getting used to working from home amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. Photo Credit: Getty Images.

The widespread implementation of social and physical distancing as the spread of coronavirus reaching Ireland led to many companies telling staff to work remotely, a move which was followed by restrictions limited non-essential travel and forcing non-essential businesses to close. It has meant that workers all over Ireland are swapping their open-plan offices for open-plan living and dining areas, their co-workers for spouses, parents and children.

Communication tools such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Slack are being widely adopted by users who are having to adapt to life without a work commute. Many believe the ad-hoc temporary measures forced upon companies and workers may led to a new future at work once normality of life is resumed.

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How workers have accustomed themselves to remote working and collaboration, especially using available technologies, point to a wider-use of remote-working in companies across a host of sectors. Long commutes for many office workers may be a thing of the past, if not everyday but certainly some. Flexibility is key. But how would you react to the possibility of of working from home more often? Tell us by casting your vote below.

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