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Ten new deaths in 24 hours as two new cases detected in Louth

Covid-19 update
Covid-19 update on LouthNow.ie.

The death toll from Covid-19 has more than doubled in the space of 24 hours from nine to 19, as it has been revealed than two more positive cases were detected in county Louth as of midday on Tuesday.

There have now been 1,819 cases of coronavirus in Ireland, with 255 new cases found in the 24 hours to 1pm on Thursday afternoon (March 26). Seven men and three women died in the last day nationwide. Tuesday’s confirmed case figures represent a third successive day in Louth where two cases have been detected day-on-day. The Louth tally now stands at 20.


As of midday on Tuesday, there had been 774 cases in Dublin, 154 in Cork, 49 in Wicklow, 45 in Galway, 38 in Kerry and 27 in Tipperary. 340 people have now been hospitalised with Covid-19, as of Tuesday and 47 people nationwide have been admitted to ICU, ad additional three to the number from Tuesday.

“We are only at the beginning of the curve,” Chief Medical Officer Tony Holohan said. “We need every citizen to heed the advice and measures put in place to protect all of us. We expect to see more deaths. This is an infection that is going to increase. We are still at an early stage. The morality associated with this is higher than you would expect see with seasonal flu. If the number of cases continues to increase, the number of deaths will sadly increase. That is our expectation.

Positive cases of Covid-19 in Louth

Click below to see how positive cases of Covid-19 have increased day-on-day in Louth.

Dr Colm Henry, HSE Chief Clinical Officer, said; “While the HSE is engaged in extensive preparations for COVID-19, the more we as individuals take personal responsibility to interrupt the spread of the virus, the greater impact we can have on protecting our vulnerable people and saving lives.”

Dr Henry also said that that health officials at NHEPT were looking at bringing in designated non-Covid activity hospitals, which would be hospitals which would carry out essentially work such as surgery and cancer treatment.

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