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POLL / How often are you leaving your home ?

A shop window in Ardee displays posters with Covid-19 advice for customers. Photo Credit: Kathy Gilroy-Barry.

Almost everything – bar the likes of essential shops and takeaway restaurants have closed down. Schools, colleges, creches, libraries, leisure facilities and scores of retailers, cafes, coffee shops and pubs are closed for at least another three weeks and possibly longer.

Thousands of people across the country are getting used to working from home for the first time in their working lives. The public are being asked to limit their non-essential trips out, including the number of times they visit shops and pharmacies for food and essential items.


The elderly are being asked to stay indoors to protect themselves, away from visitors including their children and grandchildren. Many parents are having to balance working at home and child-minding too. So, how often are you leaving your home on a daily and weekly basis? Are you stuck indoors for the most part? Or do you venture out regularly? Let us know below. We define home as your property, including house and garden.

We want to know how Covid-19 is affecting you?

  • Student nurses – are you going without pay on the frontline?
  • Construction workers – are you worried about continuing to work on site without proper physical distancing?
  • Leaving Cert students/teachers – how are the school closures affecting you and your prospects for exams and college?
  • Business owners – Whether you’re closed or not, are you concerned about the future?
  • Expats – How is Covid-19 affecting you wherever you are in the world?
  • Everyone – what major changes have occurred in your life during the Covid-19 pandemic? Positive or negative. How has this hit you?

If you’re in Louth – we want to hear from you! Get in touch with me here, call or text 086 059 1614 or email [email protected] and tell me your story.

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