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Hall seeks urgent clarification on caravan park resident status

Michelle Hall
Drogheda Borough Council member Michelle Hall. Photo Credit: Kathy Gilroy-Barry.

Labour councillor and Deputy Mayor Mayor of Drogheda Michelle Hall says urgent clarification is needed on whether or not permanent residents of caravan parks to be allowed to remain in their homes during the Covid-19 crisis.

The Government announced on Tuesday that all holiday and caravan parks were to close while hotels were now being made to limit occupancy to essential non-social and non-tourist reasons. According to Cllr Hall, she has received several representations from residents in caravan parks who fear they will be asked to live their homes, with no other options available.


“This situation will compound our homeless problems,” Cllr Hall said. She said if the government plan on moving residents out of caravan parks and into other temporary accommodation such as B&Bs, it will only create a threat to their lives. Labour TD Ged Nash will seek clarification on the situation with government over the next two days.

“[It will] potentially be putting these residents lives at risk by placing them in accommodation such as B&Bs which may not be deep cleaned and leaving them open to contamination of the Coronavirus. The legislation is before the Dail to be enacted and the Labour Party will seek clarification on the unique status of caravan parks for worried residents.”

In the UK, holiday and caravan parks have been closed as part of their measures to maintain the spread of Covid-19 – however, if a holiday park or caravan park is a primary residence, persons can remain on site.


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