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Ross announces new re-examination of Rescue 116 findings

Mark Duffy
Captain Mark Duffy, of the Irish Coast Guard.

Minister for Transport Shane Ross has announced the establishment of a Review Board to re-examine certain findings of the Draft Final Report of the investigation into the accident involving Rescue 116, where captain Mark Duffy was one of four persons to lose their life.

The Minister was served written notice of re-examination from an interested party, in respect of findings and conclusions that appear to reflect adversely on a person’s reputation.


Rescue 116, part of the Irish Coast Guard, went down over Black Rock in the early hours of March 14 2017, crashing into the sea while assisting with a rescue operation. All four crew members – including Capt Duffy, Captain Dara Fitzpatrick, winch operator Paul Ormbsy and winch man Ciaran Smith – were killed.

Capt Duffy lived in Sandymount, Blackrock and was a member of Dundalk Search and Rescue.

Statutory instrument No. 460 of 2009 provides for an interested party to serve on the Minister written “notice of re-examination” in respect of findings and conclusions that appear to reflect adversely on the person’s reputation.  Such a notice was served on the Minister by an interested party. Having reviewed the notice, it was decided that the “notice of re-examination” met the criteria set out in Regulation 15 of the Air Navigation Regulations 2009 (S.I. No.460 of 2009) for establishment of a Review Board. The Minister has now established a Review Board in line with the 2009 Regulations.

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