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Omniplex introduce ‘social distancing’ as Covid-19 prevention measure

Dundalk Omniplex
Dundalk Omniplex, Dundalk Retail Park.

Omniplex cinemas – including the theatre in Dundalk – are to introduce ‘seat separation’ in a bid to give cinemagoers peace of mind as the country attempts to contain the outbreak of coronavirus that has seen hospitals restrict visiting hours and St Patrick’s Day parades and other social gatherings cancelled or postponed.

The move will see capacity in all nine screens in Dundalk halved but the company say they belief this is the right move, after conducting ‘thorough risk assessment and analysis.’ The chain of 32 cinema nationwide say that as part of their measures to encourage effective ‘social distancing’, as recommended by the World Health Organisation, they will introduce self-scanning of tickets, increased cleaning regimes and hand sanitising stations in every foyer of their cinemas.


Every second seat in the theatre will be unoccupied, Ominiplex say, in a checkerboard pattern.

Speaking today, Mark Anderson, Director of Omniplex Cinemas said, “In-Cinema Seat Separation will give 1 metre separation between each guest, as recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO) for social distancing.

“By reducing our capacity by 50% we hope to give cinemagoers peace of mind when attending the movies.”


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