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Annual drop of 4% in latest Live Register figures for Louth

Ardee Social Welfare Office
The Social Welfare Office in Ardee. Photo Credit: Adrian Crawley.

There were 7,435 people signing on the Live Register in Louth in the month of February – a figure which represents a 4% drop on the same period last year.

Of that total figure of 7,435, 12% were under the age of 25. 3,363 peopled signed on in Dundalk last month, according to the new figures released by the Central Statistics Office this week. That number represents a month-on-month drop of 45 individuals, and a year-on-year decrease of 277 (7.6%).


In Drogheda, the total figure for the Live Register sat at 3,283 in February. That was down 104 from February 2019 and down 16 from the previous month. The tally in all three social welfare areas in Louth had shot up in January – in Drogheda, 89 people signed on that month – a trend that repeats annually as pre-Christmas casual work comes to an end.

Across the board, Live Register levels have returned to pre-recession levels. In Drogheda, this is in the low 3000s.

In the south of the county, men account for 1851 individuals on the Live Register, whereas there are 1,432 women.

There was no change month-on-month in Ardee where the figure remained at 789. It’s lowest recent tally sat at 764 in November and that represented the figures at their lowest since May 2007 – pre-recession.

The number of Under 25s on the Live Register in Ardee is 88. In September last year, that figure fell below 100 for first time this century. Men account for 55 of that total, while there are 33 women under 25 signing on.

In Dundalk, there are 444 young people (Under 25) on the register, with young males making up 60% of that figure (268). There are 389 Under 25s signing on in the Drogheda area compared to a century low of 326 in May last year. Males under 25 account for 228 of that, which is 57%, but just 7% of the total in Drogheda.

The drop – over the course of the last year and in general since the recession high of will owe in some part to emigration and people moving to larger towns and cities such as Dublin and Belfast for work. The Live Register is not just a means of measuring unemployment. It’s figures include part-time workers who work three days-a-week or less, and casual and seasonal workers.


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