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Call made for new Dundalk court victim support volunteers

Dundalk Courthouse
Dundalk courthouse, as photographed in January 2020. Photo Credit: Adrian Crawley.

V-Sac, the Victim Support at Court charity are seeking volunteers for the role of Court Accompaniment at Dunalk Circuit Court and Dundalk District Court.

The charity, Ireland’s only organisation dedicated to offering free court support to anyone who has been a victim of crime and is attending a criminal court, are currently looking for volunteers in the Louth region to take up the role of Court Accompaniment. The charity say they are having difficulty in recruiting volunteers in the area.


V-SAC have a service running for Dundalk Circuit Court, while their service will also cover Dundalk District Court sittings upon request. The charity also hope that their recruitment campaign can also act as an opportunity for people across the county to learn that a victim support service is available in courts, should anyone ever need it.

The organisation can provide victims with information before a trial or sitting about what to expect and can even facilitate victims being able to see a court room beforehand.  All of this can help victims to feel more confident when it’s their time to attend court, V-SAC say.

For more information on volunteering as a Court Accompaniment you can email [email protected] or click here.

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