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Watters urges work on ‘impassable’ parts of Carlingford-Omeath Greenway

Antoin Watters
Councillor Antoin Watters and the Carlingford-Omeath Greenway.

Parts of the Carlingford Greenway are impassable following weeks of bad weather and a number of major storms, which has left some parts of the popular walking and cycling route in unsuitable conditions for people looking to use it.

That is according to Sinn Féin councillor Antoin Watters who has requested that urgent work is carried out on the Greenway to ensure the route is made fully accessible once again to users. He raised the issue at the March meeting of the Dundalk Municipal District on Tuesday.


“Over the last couple of weeks with the storms there’s been a lot of damage,” he said.  “A lot of the gravel has been taken off the Greenway and it’s now very mucky.

“In some areas, it’s very hard to pass. I know we’re in charge of the maintenance of the Greenway. With the amount of people that are travelling and using the Greenway every day, we need to look at getting some work done. There are areas that are impassable. It’s causing a lot of hassle. ”

Responding, Senior Engineer Mark Johnston said that council would look at maintaining the Greenway in relation to that particular issue. “We can do some light gravelling subject to the usual funding.”

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