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No Magdalene Tower lights to commemorate nurses and midwives

County Hall
County Hall, home of Louth County Council. Photo Credit: Adrian Crawley.

Louth County Council says it will light up County Hall in Dundalk in blue to mark International Year of the Nurse and Midwife – but say they are unable to light up other buildings due to cost.

The issue was raised at Monday’s meeting of the Drogheda Borough Council when Labour councillor Pio Smith queried whether Magdalene Tower in the town would be lit up with a blue filter, as requested by staff at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital.


Last year, the Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation celebrated their 100th year while 2020 has been designated as International Year of the Nurse and Midwife, a World Health Assembly designation that has been supported by the Department of Health.

“Staff at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital were looking to see if there could be any recognition of this centenary,” he said.

In response, Senior Executive Officer Alan Sherry told the meeting that the local authority received many requests and where possible, they tried to facilitate them.

“The only structure that we have that we can light up without it being an extra cost is County Hall. Where we have the appropriate colour, we always try to facilitate it,” he said.

“We get an awful lot of these requests. There is a cost issue. Where we can do it, we are happy to.” Sherry confirmed that it had already been arranged to light up County Hall in Dundalk for the mentioned event.


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