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KPIs will ‘highlight strengths and weaknesses’ of homeless services, says Byrne

Joanna Byrne
Sinn Féin councillor Joanna Byrne.

Sinn Féin councillor Joanna Byrne has called on Louth County Council to disclose key performance indicators related to the homeless service providers in the county to see how provision in Louth stacks up against other counties.

The Drogheda-based councillor made her remarks at Monday’s Drogheda Borough Council meeting at Barlow House in the town and she requested that the local authority disclose the KPIs under the National Quality Standard Framework, which was implemented in Louth last Autumn.


The NQSF is designed to ensure that homelessness services provided are of a high standard, with its policy aim to achieve services that are well organised, co-ordinated and integrated and focused on moving people out of homelessness as quickly as possible into long term, sustainable housing.

“I’m delighted to see the addition of the NQSF being added to the agenda,” Byrne told the meeting, before requesting that the KPIs, of which the relevant data for Q3 2019 has been returned, be disclosed. The local authority say that site visits are scheduled for this month, with training and information sessions for staff in regards to the NQSF being provided by the Department of Housing on an ongoing basis.

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“I would be particularly interested to see the circulation of the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) returned by the service providers to see if we, in this region, are meeting the objectives of the framework in providing safe and effective service provision to those experiencing homelessness, and to gauge just how effective we are in assisting people to move into and sustain housing with appropriate levels of support,” Cllr Byrne said in a statement made after the meeting concluded.

“The interesting thing about this framework is it will highlight the consistency in how persons experiencing homelessness are responded to across different regions and models of service delivery.” In the meeting, Cllr Byrne said she was keen to see how Louth compared to Dublin regions.

“This will inevitably highlight both the strengths and weaknesses of how we are operating here. We will learn a lot from these KPI’s and I ask that these be disclosed,” she added.

Director of Services Paddy Donnelly told the meeting that the submitted KPI’s had not yet been verified and once they are, the relevant data would be circulated to members.

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