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Byrne welcomes council’s openness to further Drogheda signage review

James Byne
Drogheda Councillor James Byrne. Photo Credit: Kathy Gilroy-Barry.

A Drogheda Borough councillor would like Louth County Council to expand the scope of their two axes audit of signage in Drogheda town centre, as part of the new Visitor Signage and Orientation Plan scheme as funded by Failte Ireland.

Fianna Fáil’s James Byrne has welcomed the Part 8 plan for the project, which was passed by councillors on Monday afternoon after they heard plans for the Visitor Signage & Orientation Plan, which using new signage will seek to link the historic features of Drogheda while improving the way-finding experience for tourists.


As part of the council’s plans, new information, directional and interpretation panels for tourists will be erected on various streets in the town – telling Drogheda’s story on two different axes; north to south and east to west. The signs will be erected within the town centre, with the east-west axis running from Old Abbey Lane to St Laurence Gate and the north-south axis running from Magdalene Tower to Millmount.

“I very much welcome and support the plan to improve the signage around our town centre to improve the visitor experience as a first step in supporting Drogheda’s drive to becoming a tourism ‘Destination Town’,” Byrne said in a statement on Monday.

“The plan will also consist of simplifying the existing street signage.  A review of existing signage will be carried out and old or obsolete signs will be removed to facilitate better way-finding and sense of place at arrival points.


“I queried whether this review of signage could be extended to include other parts of the town under this particularly Part 8 application to declutter our streetscape of unnecessary signage,” he said. “Unfortunately it can’t but the council would consider a more extensive audit outside of the town centre realm if future funding opportunities arose under this Failte Ireland initiative.”

Senior Executive Officer Colette Moss told Monday’s meeting; “As part of the application, there were two axes. We felt these covered a sizeable area. Maybe in future, with more funding available, we can look further afield.”

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