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Jack and Emily top 2019’s most popular Louth baby names

The most popular baby names in Ireland
The most popular baby names in Ireland. Photo credit: Ignacio Campo via Unsplash

Figures released by the Central Statistics Office today (February 28, 2020) have revealed the two the most popular baby names in Louth, throughout 2019.

Jack topped the list of popular name for boys, while Emily proved the most frequent choice for girls.


Emily retains its place atop the list for Louth, having also been the most popular in 2018. However, there’s change for the boys as Jack replaces James, last year’s favourite name.

The top choices for babies in the county matches that of the entire nation, as both Jack and Emily retained their titles as the most popular names for new borns across Ireland – a position Emily has held for nine consecutive years.

Nationwide, Emily beat Grace, Fiadh, Sophie and Hannah to the top spot, while Jack was followed by James, Noah, Conor and Daniel, as the five most popular names of 2019.


When compared to the results a half century ago, John, Patrick, Michael, James and Thomas were the names most favoured by parents of baby boys. In comparison, there were just 209 male new-borns named John in 2019, which accounted for just over 7% of the number of boys given the same name in 1969.

For the girls, none of this year’s top five names appeared in the top 100 names fifty years ago. Mary, Catherine, Margaret, Ann and Elizabeth were the most popular names for girls in 1969, with 2,182 baby girls named Mary, compared to 452 baby girls given the most popular name of Emily this year.

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