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Power outage affects Ardee town as over 700 customers hit

ESB engineers at work.

A power outage in Ardee has hit homes and businesses across Ardee, with residents and businesses in the town affected by the outage which occurred shortly after 11am on Monday morning.

ESB Networks say that 764 customers in the town have been hit by the outage – with an estimated time for return of supply said to be between 1.45pm and 3pm.


An earlier outage, which affected a smaller number of customers in the mid-Louth town, hit at approximately 10am. All customers affected by this morning’s outage are on the Stickillen supply.

The bad weather has been causing havoc in the area this morning – with a number of road floodings reported including on the Tallanstown Road and on the N52 Kells Road, near Burley Bridge.

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