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1,200 attend ‘massive success’ Commuter Jobs Expo in Drogheda

Commuter Jobs Expo
Linda Ennis, M1 Skillnet, Janice O'Rourke, NRF and Irene McKeown, Drogheda Chamber at the M1 Skillnet Commuter Jobs Expo at the City North Hotel. Photo Credit: Jenny Matthews.

The City North Hotel hosted in excess of 50 exhibitors at the Commuter Job Expo last Thursday afternoon, with over 1,200 attendees at the event that organisers hailed as a “massive success.”

The companies, from all across the North East, showcased hundreds of jobs across a range of industries and sectors including IT, Food Manufacturing, Homecare, Gaming, Software Development, Energy, Logistics, Hospitality, Retail and Accounting.


The Expo, organised by M1 Drogheda Chamber Skillnet and the National Recruitment Federation Skillnet,including information on roles from operations, sales and marketing and customer service through to specialised roles such as carers, payroll and software development.

“We aimed to answer the needs of both commuters and local companies and recruitment agents by organising this expo to bring job-seekers and companies together,” Linda Ennis of M1 Drogheda Skillnet said.

“The event was a massive success with over 1200 attendees pouring into the expo in a steady stream. Exhibitors were very impressed with the turnout and the quality of candidates that attended the event and attendees were pleased to see so many positions available locally. The feedback was so good from all present that we hope to make this an annual event.

“There are circa 10,000 commuters leaving Drogheda region every day it’s vitally important that we retain their skills locally in order to help companies expand,” she added.

The list of exhibitors will remain online at this link until the end of February. Drogheda & District Chamber of Commerce have also partnered with The Mill Enterprise Hub and the Love Drogheda BIDS team to conduct a Commuter survey.

The results will be analysed and form the basis of a common commuter strategy to encourage more start-ups and multinationals to locate in Drogheda and avail of the talented local workforce. Commuters can complete the short survey at www.themilldrogheda.ie.

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