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Watters ‘positive’ Narrow Water Bridge project edging closer to start

Antoin Watters
Sinn Fein councillor for Dundalk-Carlingford Antoin Watters.

Councillor Antoin Watters has welcomed the move by Louth County Council to write to North/South Ministerial Council in relation to moving the Narrow Water Bridge project further towards completion.

The Sinn Féin councillor raised the issue at the February meeting of the local authority held on Monday morning, asking whether it would be possible to have a meeting with the relevant ministers north of the border in an attempt to move the project forward.


“We should be pursuing every avenue we can. This project has been shovel ready for quite a number of years. It’s very important to north Louth and indeed the whole north Louth area.

In response, Chief Executive Joan Martin confirmed she will write to the North/South Ministerial Council on the matter stating that they had not included Louth County Council in their last review of the Project.

“I can invite the North/South Ministerial Council and ask them what their intentions are,” she said. “The last time there was a review of the previous agreement, they did not talk to us even though we were the lead partner.”

Martin said that she was “unhappy” with the outcome of that previous review, which proposed an entirely new bridge.

Speaking after the meeting Cllr Watters said, “This is a very positive step for the Narrow Water Bridge Project. As Louth County Council hold the planning permission and are the leader partner they should be consulted on each and every element of the project.

“As we are the people leading this we should leave no stone unturned in our efforts to get it completed,” he added.

It is intended that the Narrow Water Bridge would span the picturesque lough between Omeath in Co Louth and Narrow Water Castle near Warrenpoint, Co Down.

Planning permission was originally granted for the project in 2012 but no major works have been carried out since. Submissions on the project have been accepted by the Department of Infrastructure and Planning NI as part of the pre-commencement compliance work.

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