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No money made available for new Dunleer Fire Station, council say

Director of Services Joe McGuinness confirmed that "no money has been put forward by the Department yet" for a new Dunleer Fire Station.

Dunleer Fire Station
Dunleer Fire Station. Photo Credit: Google Maps.

Independent councillor Hugh Conlon has aired his disappointment at the slow progress of identifying a site for the new Dunleer Fire Station, with Louth County Council confirming on Monday that assessment of potential sites is ongoing.

The council also confirmed that the approval of the Department of Housing, Planning and Local Government will be sought for the appointment of an architect for the project.


Both Conlon and Fianna Fáil councillor John Sheridan sought updates on Dunleer Fire Station at the council’s monthly meeting at County Hall on Monday morning. Cllr Sheridan enquired as to the timeframe – whether it was months or years away. The local authority offered no answer on that.

Director of Services Joe McGuinness confirmed that “no money has been put forward by the Department yet.” He did however say that the council were continuing to assess potential sites for the new fire station build, including the current site on the Barn Road in the village.

Speaking to LouthNow.ie, Cllr Conlon made his displeasure clear that the wait goes on not just for funding but also for a site to be chosen.

“I am very disappointed with progress in relation to the site,” he said. “They are looking for new sites. They are actually thinking of constructing the new station on the existing site.

“Personally, I feel that it may a little bit too small. I think we need to progress the new fire station. They are a part time fire team – excellent lads working in cramped conditions and old equipment so I think it’s important we do get the new station and get it quickly.

I think we need to prioritise this with government and ensure the monies come through quickly,” he added.

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