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Minogue ‘disappointed’ by Ardee’s exclusion from footpath gritting programme

Director of Services Catherine Duff told the meeting that aside from regular road gritting footpaths are only treated in the county's two big towns.

Dolores Minogue
Dolores Minogue photographed at the Fair Green in Ardee in 2016. Photo Credit: Adrian Crawley.

Ardee Municipal District cathaoirleach Dolores Minogue has hit out at Louth County Council’s admission that only footpaths in Dundalk and Drogheda are gritted during periods of severe weather.

In response to a query from Independent councillor Maeve Yore, Director of Services Catherine Duff told the meeting that aside from the regular road gritting schedule in place during periods of cold weather, footpaths are only treated in the county’s two big towns on occasions of severe weather.


Fine Gael Cllr Minogue challenged the senior council member as to why Ardee was excluded from footpath gritting but was told that historically, it was always Dundalk and Drogheda that received the treatment.

“I was quite disappointed to hear that,” Minogue told LouthNow.ie after the meeting. “As a Municipal, we seem to always be third in line for anything to be done. When the Town Council was abolished, that was supposed to mean that all the Municipal’s were equal. To hear that something so small as gritting wasn’t part of the Ardee/Dunleer plan, I was disappointed.

“I have that on the agenda now. Why should we miss out when the two bigger towns have it? We also have a town that is trying to thrive among the two bigger towns. There’s big competition,” Minogue added.

“If we have to fight to get our footpaths gritted, no wonder we have to keep fighting to get the bigger things like bringing the IDA to Ardee. Once again, it was a stark reminder that we have to keep fighting for Ardee and Mid-Louth.”

Minogue argued that Ardee, given its status as Ireland’s first Age Friendly Town, should do better when it comes to providing safer public spaces and infrastructure like footpaths.

“We have an aging population. They want their freedom and their independence to walk up and down the main street. That should be part of an equal society.”

Councillor Yore claimed that Market Square was an “ice rink” last week, with no gritting undertaken at the Dundalk town centre location. Director of Services Duff said the local authority would look into the issue.

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