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Leapin’ Larry: Goodman on the rise in annual Sunday Indo Rich List

ABP Group chief Larry Goodman.

Ardee based businessman Larry Goodman seen his wealth soar over the last 12 months, with the Sunday Independent’s new Rich List published today (February 16).

Goodmans’ wealth, according to the newspaper, has reached €2.8 billion. This follows new information emerging in 2019 of nine companies located here in Ireland, Jersey, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands had assets of almost €3.5 billion between them.


Goodman, 82,  is Louth’s richest individual or family and the seventh in the country overall. The news of the €1.95 billion rise in the Beef Baron’s personal wealth comes against the backdrop of recent protests by suckler farmers, the majority of whom are not earning the minimum wage.

Goodman’s ABP Group is based on Castle Street and it remains the biggest beef processor in Europe while it is also a big recycler of vegetable oil and is Europe’s largest supplier of own-label pet food. ABP has operations in nine countries, with a reported annual turnover of €3 billion.

The Sunday Independent say that Goodman is now believed to by Ireland’s biggest landlord, having invested some profits into a property portfolio of late. Son Laurence Jr is also heavily invested in property. His company Urban Life has recently expanded to the UK and their built developments across Louth including Mount Avenue in Dundalk, Castle Court in Castlebellingham and Mount Hamilton in Dundalk.

The veteran businessman also has shares in the Blackrock Clinic in Dublin, Green Reit and IMN. According to his Rich List entry, he owns and uses a €30m Dassualt Falcon private jet and a €7m Dauphin helicopter.

The next highest entry on the Sunday Independent Rich list with links to Louth is The Lyons Family, founders of Alltech, now run by Mark Lyons – son of the late Dr Pearse Lyons.

The late Dr. Lyons, a native of Dundalk and who died in 2018, founded Alltech in 1980 and opened his first brewery in Lexington, Kentucky, in 1999. He purchased the Station Works Brewery in Newry in 2015 and in 2017 Dr. Lyons, along with his wife, Deirdre, opened the Pearse Lyons Distillery in the historic St. James Church in the heart of Dublin’s Liberties.

Two years ago, the Pearse Lyons Brewery opened at the former MacArdle Moore Brewery on the Ardee Road in Dundalk.

Alltech is an international animal feed company. The company, based in Kentucky, employs 6,000 across 120 countries worldwide. Since his death, the day-to-day-running of the company has fallen to son Mark (pictured, above). The family’s wealth is valued at €1.9 billion.

Not far behind the Lyons family in the Rich List, in 14th place, is Martin Naughton. The founder of Glen Dimplex was born in Dundalk and attended De La Salle College as a boy. The 80-year-old businessman is Ireland’s wealthiest engineer with a  reported wealth of €1.75 billion. Now residing in Slane, Naughton first set up Glen Dimplex in 1973.

Naughton also contributes to a variety of philanthropic interests of his and has given to a host of educational initiatives. He also owns a 25% stake in Dublin’s Merrion Hotel.


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Elsewhere on the Rich List, The Haughey Family have seen their wealth accumulated in the pharmaceutical industry rise by €30 million. The late Edward Haughey Snr, who died in 2014, was born in Louth. Businessman and tech entrepreneur Colm Piercey, the man who founded Dundalk based Digiweb, is worth €360 million.

John Boyle, founder of Dundalk based bookmaker Boylesports, also features as does James Bond and Taffin actor Pierce Brosnan – a native of Meath but who was born in Drogheda.

Goodman, the Lyons family and Martin Naughton are among 19 billionaires in Ireland.

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