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No date yet for return of ATM services to Ulster Bank in Ardee

Ulster Bank ATM
The scene at the Ulster Bank ATM in Ardee hours after the attempted raid in Ardee in December. Photo Credit: Barry Landy/LouthNow.ie.

Ulster Bank say that do not yet know when the ATM at their branch in Ardee will be back online and available to the public, as work to restore the service continues.

The ATM has been out of use since the early hours of Saturday December 21 when an attempt was made to steal the machine and with it the money stored inside ahead of a busy pre-Christmas weekend in the town.

Work to restore the services have been ongoing for eight weeks now – and LouthNow.ie understands the bank have no time frame as of yet for exactly when the ATM will be available to customers again.

Significant structural damage was caused to the Ulster Bank building during the raid and such is the building’s listed status planning restrictions mean that the contractors working on behalf of the bank can only complete the works in daylight hours.

Ulster Bank have also made the decision to only carry out works to Saturdays to minimise further disruption to the branch customers. The branch is open Monday to Friday.

“We are continuing to work hard to restore our ATM service in Ardee while minimising disruption to our branch customers. We appreciate the community’s patience as we reverse the damage caused,” an Ulster Bank spokesperson told LouthNow.ie.

53 days have passed since the attempted raid on the ATM, with raids on the Bank of Ireland branch in Dunleer carried out either side of the Ardee incident. Bank of Ireland in Dunleer have subsequently reopened their branch and brought their ATM services back online after the second attempted raid, which took place on Wednesday January 15.

The lack of an Ulster Bank machine in Ardee has put added pressure on the other available options for cash withdrawal in the town, especially at weekends.

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