• Election 2020

Ardee’s Byrne first to be eliminated in Louth constituency

Albert Byrne
Independent candidate Albert Byrne.

Albert Byrne was the first candidate to formally be eliminated from the count in the Louth constituency in the early hours of Monday morning, just as the count finished up after a marathon 15 hours of counting which saw just two of the five seats filled.

The Independent candidate from Ardee finished bottom of the pile among 15 candidates in total. In all, he garnered just 273 votes to finish below fellow Independents David Bradley and Topanga Bird.


In fact, both of them benefited most when it came to the distribution of Byrne’s transfers. Bradley received 48 to bring his total thus far to 465. Topanga Bird received 38, leaving her on 538.

The Ardee man ran in the local elections in 2019, where he garnered 190 first preference votes in the Ardee constituency. He had previously ran in 2009, where he gained 168 first preference votes. He was a first time general election candidate.

Speaking to LouthNow.ie at the count on Sunday evening, Byrne said that he was never expecting to be in the running but he managed to get his message out there – reform and transparency.

Peter Fitzpatrick (31), Mark Dearey (27) and Audrey Fergus (23) were other candidates who took relatively good numbers from Byrne’s transfers.

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