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In Pictures: Monastery Boys NS host Grandparents Day in Ardee

Monastery NS Grandparents Day
The Monastery Boys NS held Grandparents Day as part of Catholic Schools Week. Photo Credit: Jim McGee/Monastery Boys NS.

As part of Catholic Schools Week last week, the staff and pupils of Ardee Monastery Boys National School hosted it’s annual Grandparent Day on Wednesday January 29, with children from all classes participating and over 100 grandparents in attendance.

Pupils recited prayers, poems and songs composed for their grandparents before they chipped in with some stories of times past in Ardee and some jokes too. Some of the grandparents spoke of their strong catholic beliefs and told the pupils about the importance of faith in their lives.


Catholic Schools Week is an all-Ireland annual event which invites catholic Schools to give expression in a special way to the ethos of catholic education. The theme for the week, which spanned January 26 to February 3, was ‘Catholic Schools; Living in Harmony with God’s Creation.’

Each year, the Wednesday of Catholic Schools Week is designated as the day when the school community celebrates the contribution of grandparents. Below, you can view a range of photos from Grandparents Day at the school, kindly provided my Principal Jim McGee. Click the individual photo to expand.

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