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The Lowdown – All That Happened on Tuesday, February 4 2020

The Lowdown
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/ONE We were thrilled to be able to spend out Monday evening testing our mental aptitude and general knowledge against the best boffins and brainiacs that mid-Louth primary schools had to offer. That was at the Ardee Credit Union Schools Quiz and granted, we didn’t match up to the kids. Go easy on us – it’s been a long time since much of that learning was fresh in the mind.


But one thing we would like to flag is the efforts and hard work of the staff, who after a very long day in the office were on hand to assist with scoring, collecting answers, marking and handing out the goodies at the end. Remember – Ardee Credit Union opens before the banks and closes after them. The Credit Union staff at the Bohemian Centre extended their working day to well after 9.30pm and did so with smiles all round. Well done to them for giving back to the community in such a meaningful way.

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/TWO It’s not right. It shouldn’t. But it does happen. Young people get a bad reputation. A lazier stereotype you would be hard pressed to find. Are all adults tarnished with the same brush based on the actions of a few? No, but young people do. Look at them there – walking around in large groups, laughing loudly. Causing a nuisance – probably.

But look around you. Look at the activism. See what’s happening in schools and colleges around the country. Lots and lots of young people are smart, engaged, switched-on and empathetic. A case in point was the brilliant ‘Shave or ‘Dye’ event put on by a group of local teenagers in Collon on Saturday. Raising money for the Gary Kelly Cancer Support Centre in Drogheda, these young people not only supported a worthy cause but their friend who had lost his mother just a matter of months ago.

This kind of thing is ongoing, all over. Can we please celebrate it more?

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/THREE We told you earlier on today about how two great stalwarts of Irish soccer and the game in Louth in general were coming to Dundalk to take part in a special event to open the National Football Exhibition which is running at the County Musuem from February 14 to 29.

Bar the many unsung coaches, administrators and clubmen at grassroots level, few have done more for soccer in the county than Steve Staunton and Stephen Kenny. And the latter, unquestionably, have been great inspiration to the former. But it is a shame that the duo – along with Ray Houghton are only coming to be part of event closed to the public, for guests dignitaries and media only. I have no doubt lots of people around Dundalk and further afield would have love the chance to see those two again – to say thanks, if nothing else.

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/FOUR Our Editor-In-Chief Barry Landy paid a visit to Ardee Community School to speak to teachers and TUI members on the picket line today fighting for equal pay for all teachers. The TUI say all teachers who started working post 2011 are earning 14% less than colleagues working in the profession before.

The Union say that amounts to €50,000 less over a ten year period. Fair is fair. Younger teachers are not getting a deal in keeping with what they should be earning. Younger teachers – and considering this dates back to 2011, many of them are in their 30s now – are getting a raw deal. They don’t teach fewer classes, often more. The curriculum doesn’t change per teachers level of experience so why should the pay? It can be hard to connect and earn the respect of young people, we’re told. Teachers do that every day.

Support them, properly.

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