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Tenanty laments burden on community as graffiti fiend strikes again

Railway Walk Graffiti
The graffiti on the path between that links the Railway Walk and Tierney Street. Photo Credit: Barry Landy/LouthNow.ie.

Independent councillor Jim Tenanty says that wanton acts of vandalism perpetrated around Ardee are burdening community members and volunteers who have to direct resources and expenditure to clean it up.

A spate of recent incidents of graffiti spraying in Ardee have disappointed local people and Tidy Towns volunteers. A large amount of graffiti was sprayed into the wall running along the path that leads from the Railway Walk in the centre of town to Tierney Street on Thursday night last week.


Large daubs of graffiti were sprayed along one side of the walls, with graffiti also sprayed on some of the signage placed along the wall detailing the rich history of the old railway line in the town itself. The paint on those signs at least has been relatively easy to remove.

But the larger spray paint daubed across the walls will require repainting – which means hours of time and money for supplies that can be hard to come by for groups like Ardee Tidy Towns.

“The Riverside Walk has also been painted with graffiti,” Tenanty told LouthNow.ie. “There is graffiti on the stone wall by the riverside and on the fencing.

Tenanty claims that people in the community know who is responsible but without CCTV available or catching the culprit in the act, there is little that can be done about it.

“Everyone knows who it is,” Tenanty said. “I would urge anyone who is involved or knows who us to come clean. Anyone that knows, help the community to stop this.

“It’s peer pressure on the younger kids hanging around with the culprit. They think it’s cool. It is the burden of the community to clean up after the irresponsible people.”

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