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Council looking for roundabout sponsors across county Louth

Ardee north roundabout
The roundabout linking Irish Street, the Carrick Road and the Dundalk Road in Ardee. Photo Credit: Adrian Crawley.

Louth County Council are accepting expressions of interest from businesses around Louth for sponsorship of 19 roundabouts dotted across the county.

The council’s new scheme mirrors that of similar that have been adopted by local authorities across the county, such as Meath and Wexford. The scheme bids to raise funds for visually enhancing the built environments of the roundabouts through landscaping and maintenance.


The idea arose out of a motion originally put to the local authority by Councillor Conor Keelan in May 2018.

Businesses who sponsor a roundabout can benefit from advertising opportunities on the selected roundabouts via signage which will take a prominent position on the roundabout. Louth County Council say the minimum sponsorship for an individual roundabout is €1,500 annually.

The council say that such a sponsorship can ‘convey a positive image of your business by supporting a scheme that is enhancing the local environment for residents and visitors’ and will provide ‘the rare opportunity to place your name on the public highway at locations where hundreds of thousands/millions of vehicles pass every year.’

Sponsorship durations last for 36 months but will be reviewed and paid annually. Each applicant can express an interest in sponsoring one of more roundabouts – or businesses can club together to jointly sponsor a roundabout.

Where feasible, the council say, signs will be attached below the black and yellow chevron signs. Signage must be produced and paid for by the sponsor.

The deadline for expressions of interest is February 21 2020. Interested parties can write to Willie Walsh (SEO), Louth County Council, County Hall, Dundalk.

The list of roundabouts is as follows:

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