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Lorry breakdown causes major delays in Ardee town centre

The broken down lorry in Ardee on Friday afternoon. Photo Credit: Adrian Crawley.

A lorry has broken down at Ardee’s busiest junction on Friday afternoon, causing traffic delays for commuters.

The lorry broke down at the junction of the Kells Road and Castle Street in the centre of the town, as it turned left northbound from the Kells Road.


Gardai are on Castle Street diverting traffic presently.

Ardee Muncipical District councillor Dolores Minogue said the chaos such a breakdown causes in Ardee just emphasises the need for a bypass of the town. “Ardee bypass is badly needed. The town is bad enough with articulated lorries without a breakdown on a Friday afternoon.”

UPDATE: The vehicle in question has now been removed and traffic in Ardee is moving.

The traffic backlog in Ardee is a regular occurrence for those who pass through it. Photo Credit: Adrian Crawley.

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