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Louth should adopt rainwater harvesting grant scheme, says Cllr Keelan

Conor Keelan
Councillor Conor Keelan. Photo Credit: LEO Louth/Flickr.

Dundalk Municipal District councillor Conor Keelan has called on Louth County Council to work with Irish Water to introduce a grant scheme for homes and businesses who install a rainwater harvesting system.

A number of other local authorities nationwide, including Tipperary County Council, are currently trialling the grant scheme and Cllr Keelan wants something similar done in Louth.


“The grant could be used for a reduction in the price of a new connection or indeed a credit on metering,” he told Monday’s Louth County Council meeting at County Hall Dundalk.

“We should approach Irish Water with a view to using the scheme for local businesses and households.  I would encourage the local authority to liaise with Irish Water to see if we could introduce this scheme here, as other local authorities are doing.”

Speaking to LouthNow.ie, Cllr Keelan said, “Economics teaches us people respond to incentives. Given the amount of rainfall in this country and the reality of climate change we have to look at harvesting this resource.”

Rain water harvesting is a technique of collection and storage of rainwater into natural reservoirs or tanks for domestic and everyday use. One of the most common methods of rainwater harvesting is rooftop harvesting where almost any surface — tiles, metal sheets or plastics for example — can be used to intercept the flow of rainwater and provide a household with high-quality drinking water and year-round storage. Water can also be used for gardens or livestock.

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